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Increase Print Media ROI With 360 Degree Media

Print media is not dead but is alive and well.  Millions of small business still use print media to drive business including local magazines, newspaper and yes the good ole Yellow Pages.   Yellow pages still lives and provides a positive ROI but usually in smaller communities outside metro areas.

Small business is overwhelmed with what to do and have fear of cancelling their tried and true print because of past results.   Now imagine a way to increase the interactivity of print media with a one time cost plus generate digital leads and buzz at the same time!

How do we do this?   Simply by leveraging the interactivity of a 360 degree tour or imagery in print media?

Imagine having a print ad which you know generates X amount of phone calls and squeezing even more out of it with this simple method.

Your Google Street View Indoor Street View tour brings increased exposure and conversions just through the Google ecosystem.  Now you can marry print with this same technology.

This can be done in a multitude of ways:

  1. Use a QR code with a call to action in your print ad.  QR codes can be generated free.   Go ahead and try it!tega cay childrens academy virtual tour
  2. Use a short url with a call to action using either or   Example:
  3. Use a Text Call to action.  Here is an example:  Text the word "Custom" to 980-288-6400 To See Our Virtual Tour
  4. Call to action simply sending them to your website where your virtual tour is embedded.

There are many ways as you can see to leverage and improve your conversions using both print and the Google Ecosystem.

Try any of the above methods and you will see success!



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